The World Brand Lab, established in New York City in the year of 2003, is the leading independent consultancy of brand valuation and markeing strategy in the world. We provide precise advices on branding to all kinds of commercial organizations, NPOs and governments. In particular, we guide commercial organizations maximizing their shareholders' value by the effective managements on their own intangible assets. In addition to the consultancy on branding strategies, we rally professionals around the world in economics, corporate management, legislation and media to engage in the researches, promotions and protection of branding.

Brands, as major part of intangible assets, are vital strategic and financial assets, entrepreneurs in result take more and more responsibilities in managing and building them. Meanwhile, finance directors and sagacious investors need more understanding and disclosure on intangible asset values and marketing performances to optimize their investment decisions. The Brand Value Added Tools created by WBL is now adopted and applied by over 1000 large-scale companies in the world.

We advocate that enterprises in the internet age need new brand solutions, consumers and users also need new experience. We assist our clients to position, forge and raise their intangible asset values with the languages and approaches which understandable to financial, marketing and investing professionals. We are dedicated to construct felicitous concepts on branding, which are encouraging, sustainable, and even bring significant commercial successes.