▶About Us

World Brand Lab is a world-leading consultant in digital marketing and brand valuation. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the World Executive Group, a top strategic consulting and business education firm, we are committed to helping foreign brands enter the Chinese market while simultaneously promoting the globalization of Chinese brands. Our dynamic database is utilized by over 150,000 companies, and our research findings have been cited by more than 150 Fortune 500 companies, including the State Grid, China Life, and Haier Group.

Founded by Dr. Haisen Ding at the initiative of Nobel Laureate in Economics Professor Robert Mundell, World Brand Lab is currently chaired by Professor Steve Woolgar, a Marketing Professor at Oxford University. Professor Woolgar succeeded Professor Mundell, who led the organization's academic committee from its inception until his death in 2021. We contribute a significant amount of data and cases to the academic community, and on scholar.google.com, there are about 19,800 relevant results for the Chinese name "世界品牌实验室" (World Brand Lab).

World Brand Lab provides brand evaluation and digital marketing services to 450 listed companies in China's capital markets every year, including Air China, Tsingtao Brewery, and Power Dekor Group. In addition, we organize two major annual digital marketing and branding events in the Greater China area: the World Brand Summit in Beijing and the Asia Brand Conference in Hong Kong. These events attract over 500 participants, including executives from blue-chip corporations and academics from elite universities worldwide, such as Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, and INSEAD.

At World Brand Lab, we recognize that brands are vital strategic and financial assets for businesses, and entrepreneurs are increasingly responsible for managing and building them. We advocate that in the internet age, enterprises need new brand solutions, and consumers and users require new experiences. We are dedicated to constructing felicitous branding concepts that are encouraging, sustainable, and bring significant commercial successes. Furthermore, we are proud to have invented the exclusive BVA brand value measurement model and to have been the first in the world to include ESG scores as a measurement factor in brand value measurement.