▶Message From our Chair

August 2009

The world financial crisis claims many business casualties and among them is the failure of companies with some brands that have for a long time been household names in the nations of the west. Many of these brands are for sale on the open market and represent an investment opportunity for China that is worth its weight in gold.

To purchase these brands and to restore their credibility is one of the many ways in which China can leapfrog over traditional companies in the west and establish stronger beachheads among the elite multinational enterprises. World Brand lab is the world's leading strategy consulting and brand advisory institution. We provide world–class objective brand monitoring to assist our clients to make the right decisions.

Robert A.Mundell
Chairman, World Executive Group/World Brand Lab

Professor, Columbia University

and Nobel Laureate in Economics, 1999.Mundell laid the groundwork for the introduction of the euro through his pioneering work in monetary dynamics and optimum currency areas, for which he won the Nobel.