▶Brand Valuation

The strong need on intangible asset valuations has increased along with the internationalization of financial reporting standards, the high frequency of M&A and much stricter tax inspection on designated assets and their transfer. World Brand Lab is the worldwide leader on intangible asset valuation. During the past 7 years, the accumulated amount of intangible asset valuation has reached hundreds of billions of dollars in many judicial cases covering accounting, taxation and commercial purposes.

World Brand Lab advises tax authorities on intangible asset valuation and transfer pricing. We have presented brand valuation reports for well-known brands, such as China Mobile、State Grid、Air China、China Life、CCTV、People's Daily、Haier and Lenovo, etc.

We value intangible assets as components of enterprise’s whole value with convincing market study data and analyses as the basis. We apply different approaches and methods for different judicial cases and commercial purposes. Our robust valuation approach is enhanced by an integrated knowledge of marketing, licensing and brand trading.