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World Brand Lab joined the World Executive Group in 2003. The World Executive Group is a leading global organization that specializes in strategic consulting and business intelligence. Founded by Dr. Haisen Ding (Oxford University) and with Nobel Laureate Professor in Economic Sciences Robert Mundell (Columbia University) as its founding academic chairman, the organization works with multinational and local companies to help them stay ahead in an ever-changing political, business, technological, and cultural environment. The mission of World Executive Group is to help clients achieve significant and lasting improvements in business performance.

One of the core strengths of World Executive Group lies in its broad capabilities and extensive experience across a wide range of industry sectors. Their team of consultants and analysts is drawn from the world's leading institutions and is equipped to help clients improve their understanding of key industry issues and trends. The panel of industry experts is committed to creating value for clients through innovation and assisting them in integrating social responsibility into strategic decisions and value chain management systems. World Executive Group is dedicated to helping clients become high-performance businesses and entrepreneurs.

World Executive Group provides guidance and support to clients in various areas, such as corporate globalization strategies, overall and business unit strategies, branding, marketing, sales, and channels, organizational structure, manufacturing, sourcing, and supply chain, technology transfer, and product development. Additionally, the organization has developed strengths in business education and digital strategy. The breadth and depth of talents that World Executive Group relies on provide clients with extraordinary holistic, globalized solutions.

World Executive Group is committed to providing clients with exceptional services by connecting them with industry experts to help them recognize the changes that their companies must continually undergo to adapt to changes in the business environment. The organization's consultants and analysts work closely with clients to help them identify the most valuable growth opportunities and address critical challenges. With their strong panel of experts, World Executive Group aims to help clients improve their understanding of key industry issues and trends.