▶Expert Testimonials

→Stephon Woolgar

More than likely, those companies which can recover quickest will be at the cutting edge of advantage in our emergence from the economic downturns. China's brand globalizing will play a crucial role in this. Recovery means global brand development. I am delighted by the leading work on this by World Brand Lab.

Professor Stephen Woolgar
University of Oxford

Steve Woolgar is Professor of Marketing, and Head of the Science and Technology Studies group at the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, Said Business School. He was formerly Professor of Sociology, Head of the Department of Human Sciences and Director of CRICT (Centre for Research into Innovation, Culture and Technology) at Brunel University.

→John Deighton

To World Brand Lab,

The world is fascinated by China today. This means that the world's attention is on China's brands. How Chinese firms use that attention will influence their destiny. My advice to Chinese firms is this. Understand what your customers want from the products you make, and treat your customers with great integrity and respect. Strong brands will follow.

Professor John Deighton
Harvard Business School  

Professor John Deighton is the Harold M. Brierley Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, where he has been on the faculty since 1994. He is an authority on consumer behavior and marketing, including particularly direct and interactive marketing. He is editor of the Journal of Consumer Research, and was the founding co-editor of the Journal of Interactive Marketing.

→Ravi Dhar Director

Over the last decade, the world has seen China become known for its world class manufacturing quality for many products. The next challenge for China is to translate this success to building and managing global brands because only strong brands provide a long term competitive advantage in increasingly competitive global marketplace. I am pleased to see World Brand Lab take a lead in establishing a learning organization and thought leadership on branding.

Professor Ravi Dhar
Yale School of Management            

Professor Ravi Dhar is the George Rogers Clark Professor of Management and Marketing and director of the Center for Customer Insights at the Yale School of Management. He also has an affiliated appointment as professor of psychology in the Department of Psychology, Yale University. He is an expert in consumer behavior and branding, marketing management, and marketing strategy.

→Martin Kilduff

Crucial to the success of Chinese brands will be social networks of learning and innovation across diverse fields. World Brand Lab brings people from diverse companies together to promote mutual learning and achievement.

Professor Martin Kilduff
Cambridge Judge Business School

Martin Kilduff has a doctor' s degree of Cornell University, he has served as the management professor of University of Texas System and INSEAD, vice president of University of Pennsylvania's Business School, deputy editor of Administrative Science Quarterly and British Journal of Management, editorial board member of Academy of Management. Professor Martin studies of social network organization, multinational companies management and leadership.